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Academic References

I am happy to provide references to students who want to pursue graduate studies. Nevertheless, in order for my references to be substantiated and effective, I require that you have taken at least two courses from me with marks above 70 (B-). If you want to ask for a reference, make sure you take all of the following steps:

Statistics Specialist Program

Below are some FAQ about the specialist program in Statistics: I want to take course XYZ, but it has course ABC as a prerequisite. Can you give me a waiver for ABC? No, program supervisors cannot waive prerequisites; they can only waive program requirements. Only the instructor of a course has the final say on who gets to take the course (in the sense that he/she can remove you from the course without notice if you do not have the prerequisites or his/her explicit consent). Program supervisors can only give waivers for program requirements, but these do not automatically translate to prerequisite waivers. The program requires me to take course XYZ, but I have already taken course ABC which is an exclusion to XYZ. Can/should I still take XYZ? Yes, you can/should still take XYZ as an extra course. Extra courses are like regular courses, with the exception that they do not carry credit and their mark is not included in your GPA calculation (the rational behind this is that you should not earn credit or improve you marks from taking courses on similar topics, even if they are at different levels). Extra courses can still count towards satisfying course prerequisites & program requirements, and your grade in them will still appear on your transcript.

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